Can Cosmetic Dentistry Give Me A Radiant Smile?

In the 21st century, teeth are looking better than they’ve ever looked. It’s much more than just brushing twice a day. Today, there are many choices that people have to get great looking teeth, and they no longer have to settle for crooked teeth, missing teeth or teeth that are not white even after brushing.

1. What Are Some Of The Modern Cosmetic Dentistry Choices Available For A Radiant Smile?

A. Braces

bracesAlthough braces are devices that children and teens often get, they are also seen in adults. Braces on your teeth are devices placed to straighten them. Traditional braces are made of metal, but there are also clear varieties made of plastic or other materials.

The cost of braces will vary depending on where you live. Insurance sometimes covers children’s braces. However, after the age of 18, it is rare for braces to be covered. The cost of these devices run into the thousands of dollars for uncovered patients. Dental payment plans can ease the cost.

B. Teeth Whitening

whiteningTeeth whitening is done to remove stains and discolorations on the teeth caused by age, smoking, coffee, etc. The least expensive way and least effective way to whiten teeth is with a whitening toothpaste. However, today teeth can be whitened professionally by a traditional dentist or a cosmetic dentist. Whitening is rarely covered by insurance and can run into the hundreds of dollars. Dental payment plans are available to cover the cost of the procedure.

C. Dental Veneers

veneersAnother way to improve the appearance of your teeth is with dental or porcelain veneers. They are made to cover the front surface of teeth to improve their color, shape or size. Teeth that are chipped, stained, uneven, etc., can benefit from dental veneers.

Depending on the nature of your procedure, dental veneers may be covered by insurance. However, non-insured patients can expect to pay as much as a couple thousand per tooth for dental veneers at some cosmetic dental clinics. As with all cosmetic dentistry procedures, payment plans are often available.

D. Dental Implants

implantsDental implants are made to look like natural teeth. They are artificial tooth roots that replace the natural tooth roots. Dental implants are permanent and are not removed. Advantages of the procedure can include not only an improved appearance, but improved speech, and better comfort over removable dentures.

Be prepared to pay in the thousands of dollars for dental implants, which are rarely covered by insurance. Investigate dental payment plans to cover the cost of dental implants.

E. Dental Bridge

For people with missing teeth, a bridge is made up of a crown, or more than one crown, to fill up the gap. These bridges can cost as much as a couple thousand dollars. Dental payment plans can help.

2. How Do You Find A Qualified Cosmetic Dentist?

A. Rely On Recommendations Or Research The Internet

If a friend or family member has a recommendation for a cosmetic dentist, it’s usually a safe bet to check out the recommendation. Chances are if a friend or family member is happy with the service he or she received, you will be happy too. Otherwise, begin by researching on the Internet for a qualified dentist. Does the dentist have a website? Are their good reviews for the dentist?

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B. Book A Consultation

Never book a procedure with a cosmetic dentist until you’ve had a consultation. A reputable cosmetic dentist will look at your teeth, answer any of your questions and explain what can be done to improve the look of your teeth. The work that you receive on your teeth may take more than one appointment.

C. Understand The Financial Costs

Some cosmetic dentistry is often covered by insurance, such as braces. However, in most cases, cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening and dental implants, are not covered by insurance. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the cost of your procedure. A cosmetic dentist will go over the cost during your consultation.

A radiant smile is always possible in the 21st century. Investigate qualified cosmetic dentists and consult with them about what the proper procedures should be for your teeth.

Insurance usually does not cover most cosmetic dentistry. However, due to the high cost of these types of procedures, dental payment plans are often available.